Global Vision for Peace was launched by Designer-Developer Xorin Balbes and national journalist Cliff Rothman as a non-profit manifesting entity, using our platform of visibility and breadth of connections in media, the arts, philanthropy, Hollywood, government and activism – and the belief in what can be – to propel positive change on the planet.

Our first venture is in using the global reach of the Academy Awards to communicate a strong collective message of Peace during a volatile world crisis.
We have further ambitious plans for Global Vision for Peace, focusing our energies on the pressing issues of AIDS, human rights and animal welfare.
We also believe in creating opportunities to raise needed funds for organizations such as Global Green USA, Green Cross International and Roots of Peace. Proceeds from the auction of the celebrity-worn pins on Ebay, as well as sale of the limited edition and silver pins, will go to the beneficiary organizations. We are also directing partial proceeds from the special edition wine that is being issued by the award-winning Summerhill Pyramid Winery in British Columbia, Canada.
For each cause and event we create and produce, our mandate will be both to use the media to manifest a greater awareness of the issue, and create avenues to raise necessary funds for the betterment of humanity.
It has taken a tremendous amount of time, money, energy to mount this effort, which has involved a launch reception, the creation of a pin, outreach to the media and entertainment industry, and the set-up of an organizational producing-creating entity.
We have further ambitious plans for Global Vision for Peace, including focusing our energies on the issues of AIDS, animal welfare, law enforcement philanthropic support and human rights issues.
We welcome all donations, big or small. As a registered 501C3, all donations are tax deductible. You may offer a donation by check through the mail, or by credit card through Paypal.
We thank you for your support!

Cliff Rothman and Xorin Balbes
Co-founders and Co-chairmen
Global Vision for Peace