Global Vision For Peace "Dove of Peace" Pin makes major statement at Academy Awards 2004

Entertainment Industry shows support of peace and the U.N. on its big night "Lord Of The Rings" Peter Jackson and Annie Lennox, Jim Sheridan, Sir Ben Kingsley, Benecio Del Toro and others wear GVP Pin For Peace And The U.N. read more


Press Conference, United Nations, February 4, 2004

Global Vision for Peace held a press conference at the United Nations on February 4, 2004 to announce the partnership with The United Nations in the creation of an exciting, ambitious initiative, Artists for the U.N., to support the vision and the power of the United Nations through the collaborative voice of artists. read more



Ebay auction of the celebrity-worn Dove Of Peace Pins

Meryl Streep, Adrien Brody, Daniel Day-Lewis, Susan Sarandon, Brendon Fraser, Chris Cooper and others who wore the Dove of Peace pin from Global Vision for Peace the evening of the Academy Awards have offered their pins to be auctioned on Ebay. All proceeds are going toward removing devastating landmines and replacing them with seeds of new agricultural growth in war-torn countries via Roots of Peace, founded by Heidi Kuhn; and to Green Cross International, founded by Mikhail Gorbachev, and its American affiliate, Global Green USA, founded by Diane Meyer Simon, to promote peace and a safer planet through the neutralization of existing stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction and reducing the ecological damage caused by war and conflict.


website sale of the Dove Of Peace Pin

Various versions of the Dove of Peace pin are available for purchase here on the Global Vision for Peace website, on Ebay, and thought website links with the beneficiary organizations. Proceeds are directed to Roots of Peace, Green Cross International, Global Green USA and the non-profit Global Vision for Peace, so that we can continue to heal the planet together. visit site


Dove Of Peace Pins take center stage at Academy Awards
Nearly three dozen Academy Award winners, nominees, presenters and attendees -- including Adrien Brody, Daniel Day-Lewis, Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon, Pedro Almodovar, Salma Hayek, Kathy Bates, Richard Gere, Martin Scorsese and Chris Cooper -- wore the Dove of Peace pin from Global Vision for Peace at the 2003 Academy Awards. Global Vision for Peace asked leading American designer Henry Dunay to interpret Pablo Picasso’s world-famous image of the Dove of Peace – to hold up the light of Peace to billions around the globe.


"SOLACE," by award-winning composer Michael Hoppe, offered by EMI Division Springhill Music, to support Global Vision For Peace
To manifest the light of peace, and to support the vision of Global Vision for Peace, Spring Hill Music, a division of EMI, has generously donated CD's of Mr. Hoppe's new April 2003 release, "Solace," to Global Vision for Peace at no charge. Michael Hoppe is also generously waiving all royalties for the purchase from this website. 100% of proceeds from your purchase of this CD will go to Global Vision for Peace and our beneficiaries. visit site


Official launch reception for Global Vision For Peace, invitation only, March 20, 2003 Los Angeles
Major peace organizations and leaders, leaders from entertainment and global talent joined together at a reception and press event in support of and to launch Global Vision for Peace on March 20 – three days before the Oscars.